Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Football Predictions Week Four

Vanderbilt  30     Massachuetts  24 -- An interesting intersectional game.

Georgia  45    North Texas  17  -- An easy one for the Dawgs.

Arkansas  38     Rutgers 16 -- The Hogs look improved, and should prevail.

Florida  45    Tennessee  20 -- Tennessee needs a quarterback.  Florida needs some cred in the SEC East.

Alabama  42   Colorado State  10 -- After last week's headline game, the Tide gets a breather.  Still, not one to blow off.

Texas A & M  44    SMU  20 -- The Aggies are pissed; and the Mustangs are what's available as a consolation victim.  Johnny Football continues to mouth off.

LSU  28  Auburn  14 -- In this Battle of the Tigers, the Bayou ones prevail

Mississippi State  35   Troy  14 -- Ho hum!  It's the Bulldogs.

Missouri   31   Indiana  24 -- These Tigers win also.


  1. I'm holding you to Mizzou's win.

  2. The Red Sea will part if the Vols beat the Gators.

  3. That's the oblong ball, right?

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