Sunday, September 15, 2013

Bad News from Tuscaloosa

As an Alabama alum, I'm still interested in what is going on with the institution.

First, I must say that I enjoyed the Tide's win over Texas A & M yesterday hugely.  I notice that the story line emphasized by the sportswriters is Saban winning out over Manziel.  Talk about oversimplification!  Oh well, there are not great thinkers on most sports columns.

But for the bad news. 

Earlier, apparently the sororities had gotten involved in the local Tuscaloosa School Board elections, even to the point of members signing up to vote in the month before and being driven to the polls.  Has the goddam Machine entwined into local county politics?  Anyway, it read bad.  Somehow, I don't feature the average university student from elsewhere having that must stake in a local school board election.

Unless one candidate was a UA grad.

The other news is even worse:   Apparently sorority alumnae successfully blocked  African-American students from pledging into at least three sororities.  I thought we were past that crap long ago.

Doesn't anyone on the administration there pay attention to things like that; or are they all mesmerized by football?

Neither of those stories makes me proud to be a UA grad.


  1. I thought that if you were in school you stayed registered to vote back at your home address. I guess you must have a choice on where you want to be registered.

  2. That was unfortunate news. But the fraternities and sororities were in their own little world.

  3. The fraternity system runs things on the student level there. They're too powerful.

    But now even the Governor is saying thst this kind of crap has to stop!