Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Seagull Administration

Let's consider an administrative style that can be troublesome if you do not understand its normal course.  This is a form of administration in which the performer drops in, squawks, deposits a lot of crap, and flies off to new parts with the likelihood of follow-through being very unlikely.  This is a habit that some hierarchies and deans fall prey to; it comes from a need to be seen as a take charge, big idea kind of leader.

I had a boss at one time who conducted seagull administration: he liked to drop in occasionally, randomly criticize without inquiry or understanding, and then go on, never to bring up the matter again. At first these attentions were disturbing.  However, we came over time to regard that as part of the on-the-job entertainment.

In general, the advice given by family doctors is often applicable: take two aspirins and wait for the symptoms to recede.

A good bartender would recommend taking two doses of Jack Daniel's.  I prefer that solution.

Yes, administrators can drive people to drink. Very rarely to think.