Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Fairly Useful Prayer

Now I'm not particularly religious, but sometimes people should pray, whether you get down on your knees, or use a prayer cloth, or a prayer wheel.  Here is a prayer for one of those occasions:

"Dear Lord, don't let me be an asshole today.  I have those proclivities, having come from a long line of people with said quality.  My wife does not need the aggrivation, my children need a better example, and my friends and neighbors have enough crap to put up with and don't need an extra ration from me.  And if I act a bit like an asshole, smite me lightly, or at least give me a case of the runs.  Amen."

Seriously, a big problem in our country is rampant, unfettered assholedom.  A little humility, a little discretion, and a whopping lot of consideration for others is needed.

And, in honor of all assholes, here's Paulina Sinaga with a song just for you: