Monday, November 28, 2011

Douchebags of the Week! II

There was a lot candidates, particularly with the several Black Friday fiascos; but that's more old-fashioned stupidity rather than douchebaggery.

However, my second award goes to a pair of intrepid young hunters in Blount County Tennessee, who hunted and killed two bear cubs while shining a light at night!  Black bears are an iconic species, and most people enjoy their sighting, even to the extent of causing traffic jams in the Smokies.

Anyway, there's no eating bears, to my knowledge, so need for food is not an excuse.  Just meanness and total douchebaggery.  Two guys on pot in the woods shooting willy-nilly.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

SEC Picks for Week 13

Arkansas at LSU: LSU 24 Arkansas 17
Tennessee at Kentucky: Tennessee 26 Kentucky 21
Mississippi at Mississippi State: Mississippi State 31 Mississippi 28
Clemson at South Carolina: South Carolina 19 Clemson 17
Florida State at Florida:  Florida 28 Florida State 17
Georgia at Georgia Tech: Georgia 36 Georgia Tech 17
Vanderbilt at Wake Forest: Vanderbilt 35 Wake Forest 17
Alabama at Auburn: Alabama 38 Auburn 16

Monday, November 21, 2011

Douchebag of the Week! I

The Entire Supercommittee of 12.  Bad job, asshats!  Hasn't anyone heard of compromise?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

SEC Picks for Week 12

Citadel at South Carolina:  South Carolina 40 Citadel 7

Kentucky at Georgia:  Georgia 34 Kentucky 14

Samford at Auburn:  Auburn 52 Samford 7

Furman at Florida:  Florida 36 Furman 7

Georgia Southern at Alabama:  Alabama 55 Georgia Southern 7

Mississippi State at Arkansas:  Arkansas 29 Mississippi State 14

LSU at Mississippi:  LSU 42 Mississippi 7

Vanderbilt at Tennessee: Vanderbilt 35 Tennessee 28

I think it's piss-poor that Alabama, Florida, South Carolina, and Auburn scheduled those opponents for this week.  Those are gross mismatches.

Yes, I said piss-poor.  These are cynically-scheduled opponents that make for easy wins.

At least Louisiana Tech, ordinarily one of those such opponents, stuck it to Ole Miss last weekend!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Moral Flatulence

The recent disclosures of child sexual abuse coming from Penn State are horrific, and should be properly a matter of anger and concern.  Whether it's the fact of the sodomizing of children itself, or the institutional coverup that went on for a long time, there was clearly systemic moral failings that should be corrected, and the perps be severely punished.    In a way, it's unfortunate that there is that Cruel and Unusual Punishment clause in the Constitution.

And, of course, there's the attempts to distribute blame.

I have no problem in squarely placing blame on the perpetrator (s), and all of those Penn State coaches and administrators involved in the coverup.  Very clearly, they were more in a damage control than in a child protection mode.

But some people are going overboard, imposing a guilt trip on society collectively and big-time football in particular.  WTF?  This is a bad, bad idea; it spreads out the culpability to a very large number, and somehow lessens the burden of wrongdoing on the perpetrators' parts. 

Remember this?

"The devil made me do this!"

No he didn't, Charlie . . . . you did.

It was not the sexual revolution, or the American Psychiatrc Association removing homosexuality from being a diagnostic category or an atmosphere of "anything goes" that did it, as Cal Thomas implied.  It wasn't big-time football, either, as some generic writer in The Huffington Post implied.  It was the action of a small number of truly despicable men who harmed children or who played along with it, letting it take place over a long time.

I remember the idiots back in 1963 who were wiling to universalize the blame for the Kennedy assassination on society in general.  No, asshat . . . . American society did not assassinate John Kennedy -- Lee Harvey Oswald did!  Don't try to turn that unfortunate event into a moral hobby horse or a stick to beat the opposition.

That's not moral reasoning; it gets us nowhere in making moral decisions but gives for some an occasion for moral masochism.  Moral flatulence is what it is!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

SEC Picks for Week 10

South Carolina at Arkansas:  Arkansas 28 South Carolina 19

LSU at Alabama:  LSU 31 Alabama 28

Tennessee-Martin at Mississippi State:  Miss. State 37 Tennessee - Martin 7

Middle Tennessee at Tennessee:  Tennessee 24 MTSU 14

Vanderbilt at Florida:  Florida 35 Vanderbilt 10

New Mexico State at Georgia:  Georgia 24 New Mexico State 10

Mississippi at Kentucky:  Kentucky 20 Mississippi 17