Monday, July 30, 2012

Games of Shame

Okay, I'm a SEC sports fan; and it's time to open a little whoopass on the scheduling techniques of the various programs.  While it's nice that there's a 12 game schedule, the SEC Championship plus a bowl game adds up to 14.  Kind of pushing the limit, in my opinion.

But my issue here has to do with the quality of some opponents scheduled.

Why, on God's still green but overparched Earth, must National Championship contenders fill out their schedule with teams that have a snowball's chance in Hell of winning.  Is there no shame?  What next: play a team of geriatrics or crippled nuns?

Of course, we can understand why Florida Atlantic will face Alabama or Towson will face LSU: they're doing it for the money.  But I call these games with serious mismatched opponents Games of Shame. 

Anyway, here's some SEC schools, and what I think to be their Games of Shame (GS):

 Alabama -- (12 games, 7 at home) -- GS:  Western Kentucky, Florida Atlantic, Western Carolina

Auburn -- (12 games, 7 at home) -- GS:  Louisiana -Monroe, New Mexico State

LSU  (12 games, 8 at home) -- GS:  North Texas, Idaho, Towson

Ole Miss  (12 games, 7 at home) -- GS:  Central Arkansas, UTEP

Mississippi State (12 games, 7 at home) -- GS:  Jackson State, Troy, South Alabama, MTSU

Missouri  (12 games, 7 at home) -- GS:  Southeastern Louisiana, Central Florida

Tennessee -- (12 games, 7 at home) -- GS:  Akron, Troy

Notice that I exclude the Vanderbilt game from that category.  They're in the SEC.

I'll even have to admit that I secretly pull for one  of those overmatched opponents to knock off a SEC team.  Yes, even Alabama.  The reason: you don't need to come across as a bully.

And here's why.  UNA will apparently fall into their category someday, and it would greatly pleased me if they would defeat a big-time opponent who was looking for an easy game to inflate the number of wins they chalked up.

I still think that UNA going to D-I was a bad idea.

Friday, July 27, 2012

On Rolling Someone

Where I originated, to roll someone meant to forcibly rob someone, usually with considerable violence.

Therefore, I was surprised to overhear a conversation between two teen girls about rolling another girl.  They did not look like your typical tough girls, but I wondered.

It was a few days later that I found out another meaning of the expression to roll someone:

Friday, July 20, 2012

The Snares of Satan

How many have you experienced?

Vegetarianism?  Video games?  Yoga?  Satan must be one subtle dude.  Or some people worry overly much.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

"State Property -- Do Not Molest"

Thus read the sign on a gravel pile just off Patton Street for many years, and I started wondering:  Has there been some new psychopathology emerging that has not as yet been covered in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual?  And then the appalling: Am I living in a community (Florence) where there are these perverts running around fondling innocent gravel and doing God knows what other unspeakable things?  I thought, this comes from living too close to Tennessee and the nefarious state line clubs that catered to the thirsty Lauderdale and Colbert Countians so that they would not have liquor or beer in their homes!

How many gravel-fondling offenders have entered the Alabama criminal justice system as consumers?  This is something that State Corrections needs to make clear.  It might be necessary to house offenders in their own lock-up, perhaps far away from any gravel that might be offended.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Higgs Bosun Discovered

A bosun is a warrant officer on a ship who pipes before making
an official announcement.  Short for boatswain.

Congratulations on the discovery of Higgs Boson,
the so-called God particle.

Physics rules!