Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Praise the Lard!

It is surely the winter of our discontent that nowhere in northern Alabama is their a decent barbecue restaurant, since the demise of Dreamland.

I know there are some barbecue places, but not up to the grade.  There was a nice one on 2nd street in Muscle Shoals years ago, and then Dreamland; but the rest have been pale imitations of the real deal.

And for some, they put that mayonnaise-based white CRAP on their sandwiches.  And they shred, not pull!  That, in my opinion, is as big a sin as stirring martinis.

Not that I go in for such a pretentious drink; only that is James Bond's way.  And the original James Bond (Sean Connerly) was cool!

It is written in the Book of Bubba (6, 22-24): "thou shalt not defile your stomach by eating roadkill, nor eat of the products of mayonnaise."

Christ, get it right!

Christ, get it right!