Thursday, November 17, 2011

SEC Picks for Week 12

Citadel at South Carolina:  South Carolina 40 Citadel 7

Kentucky at Georgia:  Georgia 34 Kentucky 14

Samford at Auburn:  Auburn 52 Samford 7

Furman at Florida:  Florida 36 Furman 7

Georgia Southern at Alabama:  Alabama 55 Georgia Southern 7

Mississippi State at Arkansas:  Arkansas 29 Mississippi State 14

LSU at Mississippi:  LSU 42 Mississippi 7

Vanderbilt at Tennessee: Vanderbilt 35 Tennessee 28

I think it's piss-poor that Alabama, Florida, South Carolina, and Auburn scheduled those opponents for this week.  Those are gross mismatches.

Yes, I said piss-poor.  These are cynically-scheduled opponents that make for easy wins.

At least Louisiana Tech, ordinarily one of those such opponents, stuck it to Ole Miss last weekend!

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  1. Duckbutt, you're right on that. Those are pretty sorry matches, and I am not excluding Auburn!