Sunday, September 22, 2013

Alabama School Asks Permission for Corporal Punishment

Well, Alabama managed to get another negative news item:  Now Leeds City School sent home with all children a consent form allowing the school to use corporal punishment on their children.  If the parent does not return the form, this is taken as implied consent.  No specifics are included as to which offenses might be dealt with using corporal punishment, or the like.

In other words, the school would like a blank check saying it's okay to beat the child in question.

This is another example of how Alabama manages to shoot itself in the foot from time to time.

Eliminating corporal punishment in schools is long overdue.  I know it's legal in 19 states; but it doesn't make it right!


  1. 'If the parent does not return the form, this is taken as implied consent.'

    How many forms get lost on the way home? And you know there will be at least one parent that didn't hear anything about it. Sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen.

  2. I wondered about the same thing as Mike.

    Most parents really don't like corporal punishment being used by the schools.

  3. Corporal punishment in schools is just institutionalized child abuse.

  4. So the school would like to use corporal punishment, yet not specify which offenses? That's a blank check, to me.