Thursday, September 26, 2013

Football Predictions Week Five

South Carolina  45   Univ. Central Florida  7  -- What idiots scheduled this one?

Alabama   35   Ole Miss  17 -- While Bama was uninspired last week, they should have more enthusiasm for the Rebs.

LSU  24     Georgia  21 -- This is the SEC Game of the Week.

Vanderbilt  29  UAB  13 -- Again, a SEC team has a semi-week off.

Tennessee  40  South Alabama  14

Texas A & M  45   Arkansas  17

Florida  31   Kentucky  10 -- Florida probably learned its lesson last weekend.

Missouri  38   Arkansas State  10  --Mo is too strong for the Red Wolves. 

Well, I hope I do better than in the previous weeks.  Don't use my picks as info on filling out your football pool card.