Monday, October 1, 2012

Football Predictions Week Six

Auburn 35  Arkansas 31 -- The Tigers finally win one.  Arkansas lost its mojo.

LSU 28  Florida 22 -- The Tigers can't afford to relax on this one.

South Carolina 24  Georgia 17 -- Both teams had problems last week: South Carolina starting; Georgia with defense.  (Where was it against the medium-sized orange?)  But the Cocks are the best in the East, such as that is.  Still, Florida, Georgia, and SC are in a three-way tie right now.

Texas A&M 35 Ole Miss 18 -- An old-fashioned can of whoopass is opened here.

Missouri 27  Vanderbilt 17 --  It's MO, you know.  It's hard to take Vandy seriously.

Mississippi State 30 Kentucky 21 -- Kentucky might have a chance, though.  Still, I lean toward State; they have more cowbell.

UNA 36  Texas A & M Kingsville 18  -- The Javalinas lost their last three games.  This one should be easier for a rebuilding UNA team.

Last week, 6 right, 1 wrong.


  1. More cowbell. I like that.

    UT is off this week. So the students can get psyched up for playing MSU and Bama. Or maybe butt chug!

  2. MO didn't exactly kill Central Florida. Hopefully they will get their heads out of their butt for Vanderbilt.

  3. Heidi -- I read about the butt chugging sport in the Ville of Knox.

    Mike -- Vandy will accomodate.

    King -- It seems so.