Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Football Predictions Week Seven

Here's my picks for Oct. 13th.

Alabama 39  Missouri 10  -- An easy win for Bama.  Yawn.

Arkansas 31  Kentucky 14 -- Maybe the Hogs are back.  The Wildcats had their moment of glory against UT last year.  At least they have Ashley Judd to console them.

Ole Miss 27  Auburn 10-- Also-rans play.  Not well.
Florida 38  Vanderbilt 20 -- Florida is for real.

South Carolina 32  LSU 25 -- Game of the Week.  SC is the stronger of the two.
Mississippi State 35  Tennessee 17 -- MSU has a running edge here.

UNA 35  Valdosta State 13 -- I have some serious hatin' going on for the likes of Valdosta left over from UNA BB.  I hope Bobby Wallace turns 'em loose and the run up a score!

Last week:  4 right, 3 wrong.

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  1. Missouri didn't help you last week. Two missed snaps on a punt and extra point cost 3 points. Then there were the hands of stone recievers. Maybe they will surprise us this week!