Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Football Predictions Week Nine

Alabama 27  Miss. State 20 -- Definitely the Game of the Week.  Bama is too balanced for the Bulldogs, who have surprisingly improved, and should win in a close one.

South Carolina 35  Tennessee 14 -- The Gamecocks are likely to be pissed after last week's loss, and take out their frustrations on the failing Vols.

Mississippi 27  Arkansas 20 -- Mississippi is showing signs of rebuilding.  Not so Arkansas.

Missouri 33  Kentucky 10 -- Just not Kentucky's year.  But their fans are hierbenating until basketball season.

Florida 21  Georgia 18 -- A close one; but the Gators will prevail.

Texas A & M  35  Auburn 21 -- Gene is just not having a good year.

Vanderbilt 20  Massachuetts 16 -- How did this get scheduled?

UNA is off before playing Tarleton State on Nov. 3.

Last week:  5 right, 2 wrong

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