Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ain't Democracy Frickin' Wonderful?

No, this is not going to be one of those opinion-laden diatribes regarding the Presidential election by some old fart; you must have encountered them live and on the internet up to your wazoo!  [However you imagine that feature to be.]

No, it's plain old neighborhood democracy in action.  The Homeowner's Association.

Last week the Board got together and voted to raise the dues by $25.  Now, it's not a big amount, so ole Duckbutt wil not have to stick up some filling station or rob some church's poor box to make ends meet.

No, it's a principle sort of thing.  Principles are something to practice in moderation; but I'm in favor of a level playing field.

Anyway, the issue that I'm in high dudgeon or bitching about is how it was done: by vote of the Board, with the proviso that the hoi polloi could negate it if 40 households voted in writing against it.

My wife, being quantitatively-minded, determined that there were 79 households in the neighborhood.

Not a majority of the votes cast; no, that would be too even-handed.  Only if the "antis" are more than half of the households involved.

It seems to me that there are five possible types of feelings on this, or any other matter that might require a vote:

1.  Strongly for it enough to vote "For."

2.  Okay with it, but not enought to vote.

3.  Neutral or don't give a damn.

4.  Kind of against it, but voting is too much effort.

5.  Strongly against it enough to vote "Against."


  1. That way of rebutting it definitely makes it hard, if not impossible, to reverse the Board's decision. Bastards!

  2. The Homeowner's Association can be the most nit picky pain in the ass frustrating form of government there is.