Thursday, September 1, 2011

Gardening in Alabama, Circa 1973

When my wife and I moved to northern Alabama, we lived in a two bedroom house and got a dog.  We lived next to an older couple,Ray and Catherine, who was very heavily into gardening.

Except on Sunday.  That being the LORD'S day, Catherine insisted that they didn't garden on Sunday, saying that nothing would grow if it was planted or tended then.  She affirmed, moreover, that she would allow no liquor in her house. 

She also had a habit of taking a mid-afternoon nap.  I noticed that while she was apparently napping, her husband sneaked out in the yard to enjoy gardening!

Ray had a really neat storage shed in his yard.  One afternoon he invited me into his shed.  I thought it was a strange invitation, but I went because he was so proud of it!

And I found out why h was proud:  He had a nice quart of Jack Daniel in it; and he poured each of us a stiff one!

That drink tasted damned fine!  And it convinced me that when Baptists go off the straight and narrow, they do it in style!

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