Thursday, August 25, 2011

Historic Downtown Farragut

My wife and I puzzled over this recurrent caption on the signs of Farragut, Tennessee located somewhat to the southeast of Knoxville.  When provided with the information, we were intrigued:

1)  What made it historical?

2)  Where is this Downtown?  We were familiar with bustling Kingston Pike and with Turkey Creek shopping; but where was this downtown? 

As near as we could determine, Farragut was named after Admiral David Farragut, a Yankee admiral and I won't say more!

But as for the downtown: it wasn't built yet.  It was a concept yet to be realized.  This planned development combined what looks like a typical small southern downtown with residences in the general area.

It wasn't built yet.

I remember Muscle Shoals.  Back in the 1930's it was projected that Ford would move in big-time, and grow into an urban area with a population of 100,000.  The clock's still ticking on that one.

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