Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Religious Preference

At age 18, back in Medieval Times, I started college as a commuter freshman.  And I discovered the sweet mysteries of college registration.

The process took days, literally.  I attended LSUNO, as it was known then.  (Now simply UNO.)  Anyway, there was a formidable set of meetings/convocations/hoops/hurdles to jump through.  My Good Sport Quotient, being an 18-year-old smartass was running on fumes.  The final straw was filling out a bulky pack of file cards.

When I got to one, the Religious Preference Card, the card did not have the exaustive "M/F" dichotomy for sex; but listed:

Sex: ____________________.

So I answered.

Sex:  Hopeful!

Religion:  Pagan

Other answers could have been used; all other than the one requested on the Religious Prefence Card.

In December, I got a call from the Dean's Office.  He called me in to bawl me out for having "a bad attitude."  In other words, a normal 18-year-old.

It took four months before they noticed my answer in those pre-computer days.

Didn't they teach Deans adolescent psychology back then even in those in loco parentis days?

Incidentally, I never heard from the Pagan Student Union.

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