Monday, September 20, 2010

To Hell With CNN

Arrrgh! Okay, okay, everyone's entitled to his own opinion, I concede that.  And I'm okay with news being essential in a democracy or whatever our government passes for nowadays.  But give me a break, already!

Why must wherever I go I have to have the background noise of CNN?  I cannot go into the hall of some academic buildings, or into the Student Union without there being numerous televisions all set to CNN.  Not that FOX or MSNBC is any better.  It's the same twaddle, just with cuter packaging in the case of Fox or that inevitable douchebag Olbermann in the case of MSNBC!  And if I'm unfortunate enough to get sick, why must there be the television monitor in the doctor's waiting room set on CNN?  Isn't it bad enough to be sick?  They treat sick horses better than this.  If I must have television, give me QVC or Sailor Moon or even 24 hours of Sonic Drive-in commercials!

Are we so afraid of our own thoughts that we need the cheap fix of that candyass Anderson Cooper or that schmuck Lou Dobbs, not to mention the unspeakable Nancy Grace to infuse our thoughts with their strident voices?  If that's the case, we are collosally screwed!

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