Thursday, September 16, 2010

The First Dirty Joke I Heard

It's not often that a person can fix the exact date of some early memory, even to the approximate time, but I can.  And even better, the first pun I ever heard.

It was approximately 7:30 P.M. on October 31, 1952.  The reason why I can do this is because we had just returned from the west coast, Dad having been off for the Korean War previously, and it was the first time I went out trick-or-treating with my brother Phil, who was preschool at that time (lucky guy!).

We met a little girl, name unremembered.  She was pleasant, and asked me if I wanted to hear a joke.  I said, sure.  Here it is, approximately:

"There was this French woman who had just bought a big jar of aspirins, and she was riding on a city bus.  Unfortunately, her jar of aspirins spilled, and they splattered all over the dirty floor of the bus.

The unfortunate French woman said, (mimicking French accent) 'My ass-per-ins!'

The bus driver then said, 'Stick it out the window, lady.'"

I was always grateful to her for that pleasant joke, even though I knew instinctively not to tell it to Mom or in Catholic school.  In one fell swoop, she exposed me to a dirty joke, an attempt to mimic an accent, and a horrendous pun.  Many of us accomplished far less at that early age.

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