Thursday, August 15, 2013

SEC Predictions --- 2013

Since football season will begin in a little over two weeks, it's time for me to give my strictly non-expert predictions as to the outcome.
First the SEC EAST: 

1.  Georgia --Should eke it out over SC and Florida                        
2.  South Carolina -- Close               
3.  Florida -- Close, but no cigar                     
4.  Vanderbilt -- Should pull some surprises
5.  Missouri                       
6.  Tennessee
7.  Kentucky -- Not likely                      

Now for the  SEC WEST: 

1.  Alabama -- Clearly the favorite
2.  Texas A&M -- A contender 

3.  LSU -- Also a contender
4.  Auburn
5.  Mississippi State
6.  Arkansas
7.  Mississippi

But I could be wrong.


  1. I think Ole Miss is ahead of auburn,... Miss St and Arky will fight for the cellar I think. Poor Arky,...

  2. It's going to take Missouri a few years to work their way up the list.

  3. This will be the year for the Cocks to win the East.