Monday, December 31, 2012

Too Many Bowls!

Let's face it: bowl games have become devalued as a result of their growth in number.  At one time it was a real accomplishment to be invited to a bowl game, now it's almost expected after a slightly more than average season.  And it's hard to warm up to the Go Daddy.Com bowl or the New Mexico Bowl or the Capital One Bowl.  I'm surprised that there is not a Toilet Bowl!  Maybe that's  one for Washington, DC, given our Congressional losers' lack of action on the fiscal cliff.  Or are we in the  porcelain bowl?

Even the old four, the Sugar, Cotton, Orange, and Rose Bowls have become diminished by having to schedule what's available.

Still, the Florida - Louisville game in the Sugar Bowl should be interesting, and the Texas A&M - Oklahoma game in the Cotton Bowl seems to be the best of the New Year's Day bowl games.  I see Florida and A & M winning those.  After all, A & M surprised Alabama last year.

Well, there's the BCS Championship.  I hope Alabama will prevail over Notre Dame, and exorcise the ghosts of 1966 and 1973.

Prediction:  Alabama 22, Notre Dame 14


  1. Enjoy a football day! I'm ready for baseball.

  2. The toilet bowl has always been a joke. But with the proliferation of bowl games it may become a reality. Sponsered by.... 'TIDY BOWL!'

  3. Being in a bowl game is devalued if teams that have lost four or or games can go now.