Friday, December 21, 2012

Jackie Sherrill on Motivating a Team

Back in 1992, unranked Mississippi State was scheduled to play the tenth-ranked Texas Longhorns.

Coach Jackie Sherrill of Mississippi State had his Bulldogs view the castration of Wild Willie, a bull, on the practice field.  He based this on his team not knowing the difference between a bull and a steer.  Like, sure.

The shit then hit the fan. 

Even though no one had to dine on prairie oysters.

Sherrill added that the demonstration performed on "Wild Willie" was done to educate and motivate the team. The motivational part worked, at least -- Missisippi State, a two-point underdog, won 28-10. After being widely criticized, Sherrill offered a quarter-hearted apology.
"Even though I was not involved in the procedure that took place, I take responsibility," Coach Sherrill said.  "If this incident was in any way not perceived as proper by those who love Mississippi State, then I apologize."

I would assume that bull castrations were common occurrences at vet schools in ag colleges.  Would Wild Willie's history be different? 

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