Monday, November 12, 2012

Waiting for the Axe to Fall in Auburn and Knoxville

By no stretch of the imagination can we call this a banner year for Auburn or UT.

Right now, the more berserk of fans are asking for the axes to fall on their teams' coaches.  Here's an article discussing the likelihood of Gene Chizik's and Derek Dooley's demises:

Apparently, both institutions would have to honor contracts that would give Chizik and Dooley mucho dinero to leave. Like millions!  By contract, a faculty or staff member would simply be told "bye-bye" and collect the pension.

But Chizik did coach a BCS team at Auburn just two years ago!!!!!

But I have a modest, cost-saving proposal for Auburn and Tennessee: simply exchange coaches.

Auburn and Knoxville are both attractive, agreeable places to live, with better entertainment, restaurants, and stores than is the case with Tuscaloosa or Florence.

And this would give both Auburn and UT time enough to line up a real replacement.  Just don't negotiate any sweetheart contracts in the meantime.


  1. That's a truly creative solution for a cost-conscious time, like we should have with athletics at all time.

  2. Missouri and Tennessee gave people their moneys worth and then some last Saturday.