Sunday, November 18, 2012

Football Predictions Week Thirteen

Nov, 23

LSU 32  Arkansas 14 -- Just not Arkansas's year, LSU is too strong.

Nov. 24

Alabama 40  Auburn 14 -- Bama has a chance at the National Championship if everything goes right, and they won't screw it up by losing this one.

Kentucky 21 Tennessee 16 -- UK wins this duel for the cellar.

Mississippi State 35  Ole Miss 28 -- Too much cowbell for Ole Miss.

Missouri at Texas A&M 45  Missouri 10 -- The Aggies have emerged strong.

Florida  32 Florida State 20 -- Game of the Week

Georgia 36  Georgia Tech 16 -- Georgia is best in the SEC East; and better than the ACC.

South Carolina 22  Clemson 7 -- SC had a disappointing year.

Vanderbilt 33  Wake Forest 20 -- It's nice to predict a Vandy win.


  1. Well Missouri messed up their 18th straight non conference win last Saturday.

  2. Premature ejeculation, Vol style: Tennessee fired its coach early.

  3. UT is going to have to pay big bucks again for firing their coach. Shades of 2008!