Saturday, February 4, 2012

Super Bowl Food

While some people celebrate the Super Bowl with beer and party food, there are alternatives to this.  My son and his wife, for example, are going to have something from the cities that are playing.  This year, the selections will beng chowder (clam, preferably, or cod) and Waldorf salad.

My wife and I are having chili dogs, chips, and dip.  And, of course, beer.

The Cities-That-Are-Playing strategy for Super Bowl food is easier with some places than for others.  For some, I'm challenged to think up a representative food (like Indianapolis), while for others, my thought is "Oh no!  I gotta eat WHAT?"

Still, the Cities-That-Are-Playing strategy is a good plan.  It introduces variety into the menu, unlike the stereotyped turkey associated with many peoples' Thanksgiving.  on the other hand, it tends to possibly bias who one roots for in the playoffs.  Would you rather see the San Diego Chargers or the Denver Bronchos will if it affects Super Bowl food?

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  1. The cities that are playing sounds like a great idea. I will probably go with finger foods though.