Thursday, February 23, 2012


While we have an abundance of federal and state government stupidity to draw from, there's also stupidity on the local level.  Sometimes this human folly can have tragic consequences.

Here's one that doesn't.  It just sounds dumb; and buttresses the notion that about half the people are below average in intelligence.  (By definition of "average.")

A flea market operator in Kingsville, Texas launched a campaign to change the word "hello," stating that "I see 'hell' in 'hello,' but once you see it, it will slap you in the face."

The county unanimously passed an ordinance replacing 'hello' with 'heaven-o' as the official greeting to be used within the county.

Does that constitute an example of establishing religion?


For that matter, regarding the afterlife:  There have been different views, from the Christian view of Heaven where we play harps or banjos, the Islamic version where each guy gets 72 virgins, Elysium, or the Isle of the Blest.  But what if John  Denver's view of Heaven is right?


  1. It's a trick. Think about it. HeaveNO. There're saying there's no heaven! RUUNNNNNN!!!!!

  2. That is utterly amazing. I hope thsat Heaven isn't West Virginia.