Monday, May 9, 2016

Election Expatriates, Bah!

With the imminent candidacy of Donald Trump for President, a number of celebrities have declared that they would move to Canada if he gets elected.

Among those who have so declared include Cher, Jon Stewart, Miley Cyrus, Samuel Jackson, Whoopi Goldberg, and others.

Now my take on it is that Trump becoming President is an unlikely event; so they are betting on a sure bet.

But if there was the Trumpian twilight of the gods, they certainly would have the means to effect being comfortable expatriates. Unlike most of us.

But what does it tell the rest of us? That they are suggesting that we leave also and flood Canada with refugees? Or are they saying, "I've got mine; screw the rest of you!"

That's one possibility. Another is that they're parleying their celebrity status into making their opinions something other people should particularly care about. In short, they're attention whores who have an inflated sense of their own importance.

But it also says that they're not really into assuming the burdens and obligations of American citizenship in the clinch. Winter soldiers they are not.*

Nuts to them. Don't let the doorknobs hit you in the asses.

*Thomas Paine allusion.


  1. Well put! I can feel the vitriol in this post!

    I concur, DB.

  2. They're too old to pass the Canadian residency requirement. They're stuck here.

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