Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Baby, Still One More Time!

I felt that a take-off on Britney Spears' 1999 song applied here.

Kalmykia a country within the Russian Federation, issued a pane of stamps featuring eight female rockers.  I assume the 5.00 refers to five Rubles; but it can be five sweet potatoes, five Bud Lights, or whatever.

For those who prefer, there's the Mariah Carey stamp.  And some others.

The world of postage stamps is an odd one.  First, there are some places that get a lot of revenue from postage stamp collectors, like Pitcairn Island.  (Or the island's 50-60 residents have really humonguous letter writing  habits.)

Then there are some out-and-out fake places issuing postage stamps, like the notorious ones issued by the National Socialist Croatian government in exile:

But these are totally fake, so you need not look for them in your mail.

But Kalmykia is a real place; the only part of European Russia that is largely Buddhist.  These may be locally issued stamps, or they might be fakes.

It's nice to know that other places have their priorities set right.


  1. Interesting stamps, Duck...my hubby has a few that he has collected, but he got into coins more than stamps. Interesting that such a tiny place has some interesting stamps...do you suppose they had to pay these folks for using their images?

  2. For most of the 80's I collected US stamps. There was a USPS stamp collection store near me so it made it easy. But that hobby went by the wayside. Back then if you were into collecting all the world stamps each year you would have to buy around 10,000 stamps. I think Pitcairn Island put out 300 - 400 new stamps each year.

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  4. My personal favorite is the US Harry Houdini stamp commemorating the 100 year anniversary of the Society of American Magicians. When placed beneath a special decoding lens chains appear to bind him!

  5. It's amazing that a Buddhist part of Russia would honor Britney Spears with a stamp!

  6. How really interesting!

    ALOHA from Honolulu