Friday, October 24, 2014

Knaves, Fools, Douchebags, and Dingbats

Well, it's close to another election again; and I have the same sterile choices that the two major parties offer.  It's a dismal choice between the Democrat knaves, fools, and douchebags and the Republican knaves, fools, and douchebags.  I'd rather vote for my dog. 

Bad words.

That's why I'm voting for third party candidates, if any are there.  And I know, dammit, that they're not likely to win.  But don't give me that bull hockey about throwing my vote away.  I'm voting third party because it's the only way I have of flipping both the Republicans and Democrats the bird!  They both can perform coprophagic behavior, for all I care!

I'm afraid that part of our national problem is our being wedded to a two party system.  While there's a dime's worth of difference between the two, unlike the late, unlamented George Wallace claimed, neither alternative is attractive.

AS a matter of fact, I'd rather vote for a loony than a Democrat or a Republican.  Honest craziness does have its appeal.

And I'm voting against all of those damned amendments!  


  1. When will your dog be on the ballot?

  2. Every election when I lived in the USA wasn't about voting for someone, it was voting against some one. Make sure that worst SOB doesn't get into office.

  3. I think about third party all the time but can't bring myself to do it.