Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Getting Away with Something . . . .

That old saying that 'there is no free lunch' is pretty much true nowadays.  I remember the university providing free Domino's pizzas for registration workers; but the hours were long and the complaints were many. 

At one time someone with an internet connection could read major newspapers' web sites gratis; now many of them either require you to subscribe or give you a restricted number of free views.  The local paper, the Press-Sentinel, gives no free peeks; but the Times-Daily grants ten per month.  Naturally, the major newspapers like the New York Times or the Washington Post limit the number of free views.

But what if you pursue a link to a newspaper not normally read by you?   Then, it's a free ride!  It's not like you're going to visit the Des Moines Register or the Boston Globe more than once or twice a month.

Yahoo!  It's like getting away with something. Maybe there's still the unbridled teen left in me.  I hope so.  I'm an outlaw at heart; and at my age reading articles free from papers that would like to charge will do it.

Another little story:  The Times-Daily (referred too as the Tee Dee by students) would leave piles of free papers on the university campus in order to inflate circulation numbers.  These papers served admirably as packing materials.


  1. If you use Google Chrome as your browser,... It has an incognito window you can use to view the TD. It will reset your number of visits each time you open it,...

  2. I don't pay for the news. There are advertizers that pay for the page. I just look at a different paper.

  3. OriginalBama has a great idea. Also you can used ccleaner.com (free version) to wipe most of your browsing stuff from all browsers.

  4. sneaky tip, above!

    it doesn't take much to thrill us in our maturing years. :)