Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Football Predictions, Week Two

Auburn 25  Mississippi State 18 -- This is the test for Auburn.
Florida 34 Texas A&M 19
Missouri 28 Georgia 26 -- This is the Game of the Week.  I think that Missouri will be a team to reckon with this year.
Alabama 38 Western Kentucky 7 -- an easy win
Arkansas 40 Louisiana-Monroe 7 -- an easy win
Kent State 23 Kentucky 7
LSU 39 Washington 20
Ole Miss 35  UTEP 13
South Carolina 28  East Carolina 10 -- I may have overestimated the Gamecocks, or as they're known on the old T-D web site, the Game****s.
Tennessee 35 Georgia State 10
Vanderbilt 24  Northwestern 14
North Alabama 35  Harding 14

Last week: 10 right, 3 wrong, 1 postponed.  Auburn and Kentucky did not come across.

Alabama impressively dominated Michigan, which is a good thing.  Auburn lost to Clemson.  Missouri seems to be emerging as a team to reckon with in the SEC; perhaps the conditions in the SEC summarized breezeily by that Missouri player does seem to make a difference.  South Carolina looked feeble, if I might say plainly.  Or are the Commodores a possible  spoiler team this year.

UNA got by in a squeaker.  If they don't improve, they will lose a few this year.  I hope this week is better.

In general, most of last week's games were tune-ups.  The SEC teams in many cases needed them.


  1. Auburn and UNA were disappointments last weekend. I hope this isn't a pattern.

  2. I hope you're right about Missouri.

  3. It looks like it will be Alabama or LSU again this year.