Monday, August 13, 2012

Sometimes Acronyms Can Be Misunderstood -- or Not

An example of this came in the case of an overheard communication by a hospital worker.

It was during a procedure where the hall of a hospital had to be cleared.  The worker said, "Get the COW out of the hall."

He was berated for hs nonprofesional behavior, calling a patient 'a cow.'

His response was: "Cow.  C-O-W.  Computer on Wheels."

I wondere how he could have handled 'Nine F-er?"

[A Nine F-er is a fat, fortyish, flatulent, fecund female with foul foaming floating feces.]


  1. I had to look up one of those F words.

  2. Boy, I could have gone all day without hearing about hte Nine F-er...