Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ravings from a Superannuated Flatus

It's one of those things.  You find yourself unceremoniously dumped into an unpleasantly-named category of people without any real offense, just convenience.  Not this is not the same category as being branded with an unpleasant racial or ethnic slur; but it is mildly annoying.  Just sayin'.

When I turned 50, I started getting letters from the AARP soliciting my membership, although I didn't feel old and was nowhere near retirement age.  And I found myself often categorized as a "senior."  Now, I was not some big shit fourth year student in a high school (I'm a Senior, hear me roar!), I was seen as over the hill.

You know, I'd rather be referred to as an old fart!

Or, even better, a superannuated flatus.

At least no one has yet called me a keen ager!  That bit of dog vomit was actually used by Highland Baptist Church about 20 years ago to refer to their old folks' group.  Baptists should never try to be cute. 

And I don't do cute.


  1. It's a case of an euphemism sounding patronizing. Keen ager? Jesus H. Christ!

  2. When I turned 50 I joined AARP. It was only $45 for 10 years then. Not anymore.

  3. Superannuated flatus has an air of insousiance about it.