Tuesday, December 7, 2010

More About the Jesuits

I attended a Jesuit high school, ultimately, for a very strange reason.

My mother's paternal grandparent was a well-read Irish bartender in New Orleans.  He read a lot while vending spirits (keeping the Irish in good spirits metaphorically, if not in fact), and one of the books he read was Eugene Sue's book The Wandering Jew.  Anyway, the book portrayed the Jesuits as slick and sneaky, so he determined that his eldest son would be educated by the Jesuits.

My grandfather loved to tell that story; strangely enough, some of his more Catholic offspring were less thrilled by it.   He had an irreverent side; maybe it's due to irreverent genes that my bartender great-grandparent had.

I bet that's also where I got my love of Guinness from.

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